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Hidden costs of skin cancer caused by workplace sun exposure revealed

Skin cancer cases attributable to work-related sun exposure could be costing millions of dollars, and must be better addressed by policymakers. Source: Science Daily Read More

Health Tip: Improve Aging Skin

Aging skin, like death and taxes, is unavoidable. But you can slow down the process and keep your skin looking younger. Source: HealthDay Read More

Why people experience seasonal skin changes

A new study provides information that may help explain why many people experience eczema and dry skin in the winter. Source: Science Daily Read More

New Rx for allergic contact dermatitis

Research has found a promising new treatment for allergic contact dermatitis that offers an alternative to corticosteroids and their possible side effects. Source: Science Daily Read More

Chemical peels are safe for people with darker skin, result in few side effects and complications

The findings, first published online in theĀ Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, show that less than four percent of people with darker skin experienced unwanted side effects from a chemical peel. In addition, the researchers observed a lower rate of side effects compared to previous studies that included all skin types. Source: Science Daily…. read more

Dermatology scale validates quality of life

Can having a skin condition impact the quality of your life? Absolutely, claim researchers who have set out to find the best tool to measure the impact on patients. Source: Science Daily Read More

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